Q-Rewards FAQ

How much is it?

It’s FREE!

How do I sign up?

Drop into any one of our 21 SpeedyQ locations to pick up your preactivated card and begin earning points immediately.

How do I earn points?

You earn points each time you make a purchase on gas or inside the store.*

Do I have to buy certain items to earn points?

No, you earn points on all purchases,* even gas! We want this to be easy for you and not force you to buy certain products like other programs.

Don’t want to carry your card?

No problem! Simply enter or tell the sales associate the phone number associated with your account to earn points when purchasing gas or products.

How do I track my points?

We’ve made tracking your points easy! We print your balance on the bottom of your in-store receipts and display it on your receipt at the pump.

Can I redeem points to save on gas?

Absolutely! You can save up to $2 per gallon! The maximum discount is 20 gallons.

How many points do I earn?

Gas Station
5 points per gallon
Earn 5 points for every gallon of SpeedyQ gas pumped.

Convenience Store
10 points per $1
Earn ten points for every dollar spent on in-store items.*

20 points per $1
Earn DOUBLE points on all convenience store purchases!*

SpeedyQ Express Wash
10 points per $1
Earn ten points for every dollar you spend at the SpeedyQ Express Wash.

500 pts5¢ off per gal.
1,000 pts10¢ off per gal.
2,500 pts25¢ off per gal.
4,600 pts50¢ off per gal.
9,000 pts$1.00 off per gal.
11,500 pts$1.25 off per gal.
13,000 pts$1.50 off per gal.
15,250 pts$1.75 off per gal.
17,500 pts$2.00 off per gal.

* Excluding purchases of tobacco, alcohol and lottery.

** All Q-Reward points earned are valid for an 18-month period, starting from the transaction date when the points were earned. If not redeemed, points will expire 18 months from the date earned and be subtracted from your account.

Some terms and conditions may apply.