At SpeedyQ, we believe in giving back to our customers.

That’s why we offer Q- Rewards. It’s a FREE program that allows you to save money on gas and merchandise and it’s our way saying “thanks for your business!”

Sign up today!

It’s Simple!

  1. Drop into any one of our 19 SpeedyQ locations to pick preactivated card and begin earning points immediately.
  2. Earn 200 BONUS points on your first transaction!
  3. Don’t want to carry your card? No problem! Activate it online to protect your points and link your card to your phone #.
  4. Use your card to earn points on gas and your favorite products!* Check out our special Buy 6 – Get 1 Free Club Programs to save even more on the products you love!
  5. Forgot your card? No problem! Simply enter the phone # associated with your account to earn points when purchasing gas or products.
  6. Track your points. We’ve made tracking your points easy!
  • We’ll print your balance on the bottom of your in-store receipts.
  • Your balance will be displayed on receipt at pump.
  • Register card on line to check points.**
  • Receive monthly Q-Rewards email statements with registration.**



* Excluding purchases of including tobacco, lottery or alcohol
** Requires online registration
*** All Q-Reward points earned are valid for 18 month period, starting from the transaction date when the points were earned. If not redeemed, points will expire 18 months from the date earned and be subtracted from your account.

Some terms and conditions may apply.

EZ Enroll
Manage Rewards


Gas Station
5 points per gallon
Earn 5 points for every gallon of SpeedyQ gas pumped.

Convenience Store
10 points per $1
Earn ten points for every dollar spent on in-store items.*

20 points per $1
Earn DOUBLE points on all convenience store purchases!*

SpeedyQ Express Wash
10 points per $10
Earn ten points for every dollar you spend at the SpeedyQ Express Wash.

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